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W e have strategic partnership with the law firm of Church Church Hittle + Antrim, and we have proven experience to provide not only counsel to you on the current NCAA enforcement investigative process and penalties, but more importantly, we will apply it specifically to your institution. We recognize that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to implementation and application. We employ proprietary tools that assess your current compliance program in a way that identifies areas of strength, areas to be improved and the related factors that influence both. We offer three CCHA Collegiate Sports Consulting Indexes – the Institutional Control Index, the Institutional Readiness Index, and the Head Coach Responsibility Index. These indexes will provide a means to benchmark improvements over time and to demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders the value of operating a strategic and philosophically-sound compliance program. With these Indexes, we give you more than just another checklist — we give you actual tools to strengthen your compliance operations.

Key Indexes

Head Coach Control
Protect the head coach and avoid suspensions.

Institutional Control
Modeled after the Committee White Paper and the DI AD’s definition of institutional control.

Institutional Readiness
Aimed to mitigate devastating penalties should a serious violation occur.

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