Julie Roe Lach talks NIL and Title IX with Forbes Sports

Forbes Sports Reporter, Kristi Dosh, discussed potential Title IX and Name, Image and Likeness issues with Julie Roe Lach.  Lach advises that the two may not be as exclusive as many are suggesting, providing examples of booster involvement and what, if any, responsibilities institutions might have if they have knowledge of a student-athlete receiving money from a permissible third party. Lach identifies three areas the law looks at in order determine equitable treatment.   Read the full story here:


Jane McGill Talks COVID-19 Blanket Waivers with the Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal reporter, Laine Higgins, discussed the NCAA granting an additional year of eligibility to spring athletes with Jane McGill. Read the full story here: https://www.wsj.com/articles/ncaa-is-open-to-granting-an-additional-year-of-eligibility-to-spring-athletes-11585149362

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